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Shipping services

Fedex authorised ship center
At our 1000 N Collier Boulevard, Marco Island store is our shipping center. We are a FedEx Authorized Ship Center and we offer:
  • Freight services
  • Professional Packing service
  • Shipping Supplies
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Pickup times

FedEx Express pickup times:
Mon thru Fri - 4pm
Sat - 12 noon

FedEx Ground pickup times:
Mon thru Fri - 3:30pm
Sat and Sun - CLOSED

UPS pickups:
Express and Ground
Mon thru Fri - both at 4pm

UPS Express: Sat - 12 noon
UPS Ground: Sat - CLOSED

UPS Express and Ground: Sun - CLOSED

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Shipping luggage ahead of our customers' journies has become big business as the airlines are now charging sometimes even for the first piece of luggage. We remove the hassle of worrying about carrying to and from transport to a cart then waiting in line to check-in belongings and the reverse at the destination.

So if you are visiting Florida we can help make sure everything gets back home on time. Call us on 239-394-5343.