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Author events & news:

Sunshine Booksellers, 677 S. Collier Blvd.,
Marco Island, FL 34145  tel:(239)393-0353

Sunshine Booksellers have frequent author events during peak season. The format for these is a a brief presentation, followed by questions from the audience and then signing. We nearly always have a drawing for a free signed book and serve refreshments. Everyone has a good time at these events and admission is mostly free. Watch this space; it's updated regularly...

And thanks for shopping local and reading independently.

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Past book signings:

Honoring the Enemy Monday April 1st 2019
Robert Macomber

The author presented and autographed his new novel Honoring the Enemy, set in Cuba in 1898.

Collector's apprentice Tuesday February 26th 2019
B.A. Shapiro

The author presented and autographed her new historical art thriller, The Collector's Apprentice, set in Paris.

Marco Island Tuesday March 5th 2019
Austin Bell

The author presented and autographed his new book Marco Island (Images of America).

Trust but Verify Wednesday February 6th 2019
Karna Bodman

The author presenting and autographed her new thriller, Trust but Verify.

Her new book continues her White House National Security series.

Marco Island Wednesday March 21st 2018
Austin Bell

The author presented and autographed his new book about the history of Marco Island. His book draws on the photographic collections of the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian, Collier County Museums, the Marco Island Historical Society, private collections, and more.

Caribbean Rim Tuesday March 13th 2018
Randy Wayne White

The author of the Doc Ford series presented his latest novel, Caribbean Rim.

Randy then answered questions and autographed books.

Robin Kelleher Wednesday February 21st 2018
Robin Kelleher

The author of Lina Unleashed led a hysterical romp through Lina's crazy life with her clueless momma.

Charles Todd Wednesday February 7th 2018
Charles Todd

The author gave a presentation on his latest novel, The Gate Keeper.

He then answered questions and autographed books.

Mangrove Lightning Saturday March 25th 2017
Randy Wayne White

The author gave a presentation on his latest novel, Mangrove Lightning.

Randy then answered questions and autographed books.

Deep Blue Tuesday March 15th 2016
Randy Wayne White
The author gave a presentation of his latest novel, Deep Blue.

An electrifying new thriller from the New York Times-bestselling author. Randy then answered questions and autographed books.

Dorsey, Coconut Cowboy Sunday February 14th 2016
Tim Dorsey
The author gave a presentation on his latest novel, Coconut Cowboy, about a geologist who moves to Florida and finds himself in shady company; a great vacation read. He then answered questions and autographed books.

Joey Waves Wednesday February 17th 2016
Joey Waves
Joey gave a presentation on his updated book Marco Island and The Everglades, with more than 80 full color images, 11 of them new. He then answered questions and autographed books.

Macomber, Assasin's Honor Tuesday November 17th 2015
Robert N. Macomber
Author of The Assassin's Honor

The author gave a presentation on researching and writing The Assassin's Honor, the 12th in his popular series of naval thrillers. He then answered questions and autographed books.

Amy Hill Hearth - Miss Dreamsville Tuesday October 27th 2015
Amy Hill Hearth

The author spoke about her new novel, showing how closely tied each of us is to our sense of home - and the conflicts that can arise when our idea of that home becomes threatened.

The novel is a sequel to Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society.

Randy Wayne White - Cuba Straits Tuesday March 24th 2015
Randy Wayne White

The author of the Doc Ford and Hannah Smith novels set in southwest Florida talked about his latest book, Cuba Straits.

Lisa See Thursday March 19th 2015
Lisa See

The author of China Dolls gave a talk about her writing, followed by refreshments and the signing of books.

Michael Coleman Thursday March 12th 2015
Michael Coleman

The author of Marco Island - Florida's Gulf Playground talked about his book and autographed copies.

Shark Skin Suite Sunday February 15th 2015
Tim Dorsey

The author talked about his new book in the Serge Storm series, Shark Skin Suite.

Good Catch Tuesday February 3rd 2015
Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand & Heather McPherson, authors of Good Catch: Recipes & Stories Celebrating the Best of Florida's Waters. This popular event was held at the Marco Island Center For the Arts. The authors spoke about their books and gave a cooking demonstration, followed by a sampling of the appetizers prepared and autographing their books.

Randy Wayne White Tuesday August 19th 2014
Randy Wayne White
Haunted is an action-packed thriller from Randy Wayne White and the third in the Hannah Smith series.

Sue Monk Kidd Sunday July 13th 2014
Sue Monk Kidd
Sue came for a welcome reprise of The Invention of Wings, which has spent over 5 months on the New York Times hardcover best seller list.

Robin Cook Thursday March 27th 2014
Robin Cook
Robin presented his new novel, Cell, a top-notch fusion of groundbreaking medical science and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Sue Monk Kidd Wednesday March 12th 2014
Sue Monk Kidd
Sue's new book, The Invention of Wings, published in January 2014, is a triumph of storytelling that looks at one of the most devastating wounds in American history, through women whose struggles for liberation, empowerment, and expression will leave no reader unmoved. Oprah Winfrey made it her third pick for her online book club and she said of the book "It is going to wow you! It is layered. It is gripping." Sunshine Booksellers were delighted to have sponsored the regional launch of this book.

Randy Wayne White Tuesday March 4th 2014
Randy Wayne White
Randy presented Bone Deep, the latest in the acclaimed Doc Ford thriller series.

James Sheehan Friday February 21st 2014
James Sheehan
The Alligator Man is a story of greed, anger, love, redemption and two powerful trial attorneys who fight to the end - and risk everything.

Wednesday February 19th 2014
Alan Maltz
This event was held at The Marco Island Center for the Arts.
Alan Maltz Attendees saw the ultimate coffee table book - all about the area where they were living, interpreted through beautiful photography. Alan talked about how he captured those incredible shots.

Tim Dorsey Sunday February 16th 2014
Tim Dorsey
Tim talked about his new novel, Tiger Shrimp Tango, which starts rather dramatically: "The naked couple ran screaming out of the hotel, covered with fire-extinguisher foam." But he didn't reveal the ending...

Wednesday February 12th 2014
Local authors event
We are lucky to have so many talented authors in the area. This was a chance to meet some of the up and coming ones.
Local authors

Artis Henderson Friday February 4th 2014
Artis Henderson
A breathtaking memoir by a young Army widow who shares her heartbreaking, candid story about recovering from her husband's death.

Macomber Honors Rendered Wednesday November 4th 2013
Robert Macomber
The eleventh novel in the Honor series took him seven years to research and the result is a very readable espionage thriller, set in the South Pacific.

Deceived Tuesday September 3rd 2013
Randy Wayne White

His new book was officially released the same day as the signing at Sunshine Booksellers.
Randy Wayne White

Tuesday April 9th 2013 - Jill Baguchinsky
Jill Baguchinsky - Spooky Girl

Tuesday March 28th 2013 - Kathy Bertone
Kathy Bertone - Art of the Visit

Tuesday March 26th 2013 - Robin Cook
Robin Cook - Nano

Tuesday March 5th 2013 - Randy Wayne White
Randy Wayne White - Night Moves

MernaLyn, diet diva Thursday February 21st 2013

Sunday February 10th 2013 - Tim Dorsey
Tim Dorsey - Riptide

Thursday February 7th 2013 - James Sheehan
James Sheehan

Wednesday January 9th 2013 - Amy Hill Hearth
(2nd from right)
Amy Hill Hearth
Tuesday September 4 2012 - Randy Wayne Whyte
Randy Wayne Whyte signing

Lisa FlemingTuesday April 10 2012
Lisa Fleming

Bennett ShelferTuesday April 3rd 2012
Bennett Shelfer

Tusesday March 20 2012 - Robin Cook
Robin Cook book signing

Wednesday March 7 2012 - Randy Wayne White
Randy Wayne White

Thursday Feb 23 2012 - Terry Helwig
Terry Helwig

Jeff ZaslowPlanned for Tuesday March 6 2012 - Jeffrey Zaslow

This event had to be cancelled. Jeffrey was tragically killed in a road accident in Feb 2012 and will be much missed.

Authors' Day

Sunshine Booksellers held a Florida Authors' Day on Tuesday, January 24 2012. Sunshine believes in supporting its local authors who often struggle to get published. This event was open to all and free of charge. Authors talked to readers about their writing, and their books were all available for sale and signing. Featured at this event were:

Scott Shook, author of Massillon Memories and A Century of Heroes
Shook chronicles the football dynasty of Massillon, Ohio and is himself a Marco Island resident and local tennis pro.

Tom Williams, author of Lost and Found
A great thriller that takes the reader from South Florida to the Black Sea. Williams makes his home in Marco Island and, when he's not writing, works as a charter boat captain.

Christine Lemmon, Author of three novels, Sanibel Scribbles, Portion of the Sea, Sand in My Eyes and her inspirational writings, Whisper from the Ocean. A book club favorite and Sanibel author.

Fred Lichtenberg, author of Hunter's World
A fast-paced mystery set in Eastpoint, a close-knit Long Island community. Lichtenberg now resides in Jupiter, Florida.

K. G. Dowling, author of Mango Island
This Marco Island resident incorporates many “it could only happen in Florida” experiences in her tongue-in-cheek novel.

Fatima Heath, author of One In Spirit

Tuesday November 29th 2011 - Sue Monk Kidd
Sue Monk Kidd book signing

Tuesday February 15th 2011
Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor
Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor book signing